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Mobile Apps and Sites

For research-on-the-go

e-Book platforms with mobile apps and/or sites

These e-book platforms have their own mobile apps and/or sites.

E-Book User Guides

Click on the links below to view Search Guides to e-book collections hosted on the various platforms. | Comparison table of e-book platforms

ProQuest Ebook Central

You will need to perform an initial set up from a browser, so that you can download full e-books.

For offline reading on mobile devices such as iPhonesiPads, and Android phones and tablets, ProQuest Ebook Central supports the Bluefire Reader.

We recommend using a browser on your device to access the ProQuest Ebook Central site and to download the book directly to your device:


I. On your device, use a browser to connect to Adobe and sign in with your Adobe ID or create an Adobe ID:

1. Go to

2. Sign in, or to create an Adobe ID click “Get Adobe ID

II. Install Bluefire on your device

          1. On your device, click App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android) 

          2. Search for “Bluefire Reader“ 

          3. Install it on your device

After the above has been done once on your device, START HERE:

          III. Download books using your device:

                     1. On your device, use a browser to connect to the ProQuest Ebook Central site

                          - Optionally, go to your library website, look for ProQuest Ebook Central  under Quick Links (click “eBooks”), then click the link to ProQuest Ebook Central site

                           Note, on iOS devices, use Safari (Chrome does not work well)

                     2. You will be auto-signed into your personal ProQuest Ebook Central account

                     3. Search in ProQuest Ebook Central for the document you want to download

                     4. Click the “Download” button

                     5. Select the option to download the entire book, click “OK

                    6a. On iOS devices:

        - You’ll be given the option to “Open In:” a suggested reader

        - If Bluefire isn’t the listed reader, click “” to see the list

        - Select “Bluefire

6b. On Android devices:

         - The downloaded ebook is put in your default download folder

         - To find it, go to your apps, open “My Files” (or similar)

        – If you don’t have a file navigator app, please install one

        - Once you have found your downloaded ebook, click to select it.

        – In menu at top, select “Move to”, “Bluefire”, “Imports

        - Go to the Bluefire app and use settings to ”Upload files from SD

        - Your downloaded book will then be listed in Bluefire.

V. Read downloaded books – no internet access required:

          1. On your device, open the Bluefire app

2. From within Bluefire, open one of the books you’ve downloaded

3. Read and enjoy!

Note, you can also return downloaded books from within Bluefire.