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APA Style

Learn how to cite in APA today!

What is the "Cite" Feature?

Some databases have a "Cite" feature that allows you to:

o   View the citation information in a desired citation style.

o   Copy and paste this information onto your Notepad or Word document.

Take care to check that the citation adheres to the citation style guidelines.

EBSCOhost Databases

1. On the Search Results page, click the title of the result whose citation you wish to obtain.

2. When the Detailed Record is displayed, click "Cite" under "Tools" sidebar. 

3. The Citation Format appears.  Scroll down to view your desired citation style.  Copy the citation and paste it onto your Notepad or Word document.

Check the citation for adherence to style guidelines.  In this example, only the first letters of the first words of the article title and sub-title should be capitalized.  "Age of Wonder" should not be capitalized as it is not used as a proper noun in the paper.  The doi (digital object identifier) should be included if one has been assigned to the paper.

ProQuest Databases

1. On the Search Results page, put a check mark in the box of the result whose citation you wish to obtain.

2. Click "Cite" to view the citation information.  A window appears to show the desired citation.

3. The default citation style is the APA style.  To view another citation style, use the dropdown menu to make your selection and click "Change".

4. The citation is displayed in the desired style.  Copy it for pasting onto your Notepad or Word document.

5. The citation may also be emailed, printed or downloaded (in html, pdf, RTF or text only formats).

6. To close the window, click "Done".

Remember to check the citation for accuracy.

Academic OneFile (Gale Databases)

1. When viewing the Item Record of the paper you wish to cite, click "Citation Tools" under "Tools" sidebar.  A "Citation" window will appear.

2. Click the "APA" tab to display the citation in APA style. 

3. Click "Select" button.  The citation will be highlighted.  Copy the citation and paste it onto your Notepad or Word document.

Do check the citation's accuracy.. 

JSTOR (Journal Storage)

1. On the Article page, click "Cite This Item" in the right-hand sidebar.  A "Copy Citation" window will appear displaying the citation information in a number of citation styles.

2. Highlight and copy the desired citation. Check your pasted citation for accuracy.