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How to Share EndNote Libraries


Sharing What and With Whom

You may share your entire EndNote library including PDF files and annotations.

For EndNote X7 users, your library may be shared with 14 other EndNote users.

For EndNote X8 users, your library may be shared with up to 100 other EndNote users.

You may share only 1 library - this is the library that you have access to at

There is no limit to the number of libraries that others can share with you.

There is no storage limit to attached files.

Everyone can add to, annotate and use the library at the same time.

If you shared your library:  you may access this library on your desktop, online or on your iPad.

If someone shared his/her library with you: you can only access this library from your desktop.

Note: The Shared Libraries feature is only available for EndNoteX7.2 and above. If your version of EndNoteX7 is not the latest, you can manually install free updates available. Open your EndNote Program and go to Help > Check for Updates > Click “Download and Install” in the popup box.




Sharing a Library

1. Create your EndNote account at

2. Link the library that you wish to share with your EndNote account: 

   a. Select Edit > Preferences > Sync.

   b. Click "Enable Sync", then enter your EndNote account details (email address and password).

   c. Enter the location of your EndNote library.

   d. Select the option "Sync Automatically".

   e. Click "OK".

3. Send share invites:

   a.  Select File > Share.

  b.  Enter the email addresses of people with whom you wish to share your library with.  Include a message (optional).

  c.  Click "Invite", followed by "Close".


Joining a Library

1. Accept the Share invite that you received through email by clicking "Accept".

2. Sign in to your EndNote account.  If you do not have an account, create one at

3. Open the EndNote programme and synchronize your account:

  a.  Select Edit > Preferences > Sync. 

  b.  Click "Enable Sync", then enter your EndNote account details (email address and password).

  c.  Select the option "Sync Automatically".

  d.  Click "Apply".

4. Open the shared library:

  a.  Select File > Open Shared Library.

  b.  Select the email address of the person who invited you to share his/her library.

  c.  Click "Open".


Updating a Shared Library

After you have made changes to a shared library, update it by selecting Tools > Sync.

For those who are viewing the shared library, the changes will be updated automatically if they have selected the option to "Sync Automatically" in the Edit > Preferences > Sync message box (step 3c of Joining a Library above).