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How to Import PDFs into EndNote

Did you know that EndNote can extract references from your full-text PDF journal articles?

This can be time-saving if you are working with a large number of PDFs or have all your PDFs saved in a folder. When you extract a reference from a PDF journal article, a reference will be created and the PDF will also be attached to the reference within EndNote.

Please note that PDFs must come with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to work with this EndNote feature. A Digital Object Identifier consists of a pair of character strings that is used to associate with a single unique resource only.

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If the PDFs do not have DOIs, you may also require additional steps to fill in the missing publication information

Note: After importing references, always check that the information is accurately displayed in the citation style you have chosen e.g. APA 6th style. For example you may have to correct capitalisation mistakes.

How to Fill in Missing Publication Information

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How to Edit Capitalisation Mistakes After Importing PDFs/References