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Open Access

Find out more about Open Access initiatives and how you can make your research output open access.



1. Can I make my papers OA without paying APC?

Yes, most publishers allow your peer-reviewed final manuscript to be made openly available via your institutional repository. Your librarian will check the publishers’ policy and ensure that your submission is copyright compliant. Submission Procedures: NTU & NIE

2. Can I still deposit papers that are under a “publisher’s embargo”?

Yes, you can still submit your accepted manuscript as soon as it is ready. The system allows us to lock the full text access of a submission by setting an embargo period. Your librarian will also check and ensure that the full text of the manuscript will only be made openly available after the publishers’ embargo period.

3. How can I identify and avoid questionable OA journals?

One, check the list of questionable journals and publishers provided by Jeff Beall ( Note that some people have criticised Beall and the partiality of his list.

Two, check if the OA journal you intend to publish in is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) ( DOAJ uses a set of strict criteria for journals to get in and to stay on its list.

Three, thoroughly analyse the journal itself and use the simple checklist developed by Think.Check.Submit ( to help you clarify and assess if a particular journal is a good choice.