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Open Access

Find out more about Open Access initiatives and how you can make your research output open access.



1. I have published my paper in an Open Access (OA) journal. Do I have to deposit it in an institutional repository?

Yes, you will have easy and convenient access to all your papers published while in service to your institution. Yon can also insert the unique URLs of each item record (of articles published in OA journals, as well as in hybrid journals or subscription-based journals) to the citations in your own website or staff profile page so that other academics or students can easily access  the full text. The underlying goal of an institutional repository is to preserve and increase the visibility and accessibility of the institutional's collective research output in one central location. 
2. Am I allowed to deposit papers already published in OA journals?
Yes, however unless expressly stated in the journal’s self-archival policy or it is known that the article is published under a Creative Commons licence, we will still need to check that permission is granted by publishers to deposit the published works in the repository.

3. Can I make my papers OA without publishing in OA journals?

Yes, you can publish in a subscription journal as usual, and later submit your peer-reviewed final manuscript to be made openly available via your institutional repository. Your librarian will check the publishers’ policy and ensure that your submission is copyright compliant. Submission Procedures: NTU & NIE