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Open Access

Find out more about Open Access initiatives and how you can make your research output open access.



1. Is the proof or off-print the same as the post-print version?

No, unlike post-prints which are produced by the author,  proofs and offprints are delivered to the author from the publisher.  Proofs and offprints have been formatted and reflect any layout or copyediting done by the publisher in preparation for publication. Proofs and offprints should not be deposited in institutional repositories. 

2. How can I find out more about managing and sharing research data?

The NTU Libraries Research Data Management Guide will help researchers learn more about the various aspects of research data management and sharing. It will also guide researchers in meeting the university as well as funders’ requirements. Topics include: what is research data, how to share data, where to share data, why share data, benefits of sharing data etc. A number of relevant YouTube videos have also been included in the guide so that anyone who is interested in the topic could have a brief overview quickly.