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Stumped when presented with your course reading list? Follow these step-by-step guidelines to locate the publication that you want.

Media materials

Keyword search is an effective way to locate Media materials if you do not know the exact title. Combining your keyword(s) with one of the following material types will give you a more fruitful search.

Art Reproduction Electronic Video Picture
Audio Cassette DVD Slide
Audio CD Game Super Audio CD
CD Music Gramophone Record Toy
CD-ROM Kit Video
Chart Laser Disc Video CD
Computer Disk Overhead Transparency  

Need help?

If you have any comments or questions on the use of Media materials, please e-mail or call 67903621.

Location and Loan Duration

Location How to retrieve the materials
Reserves (Level 2) From open shelves in Reserves section next to Loan Counter/Information Desk, Level 2, Left Wing
Closed Stacks Submit a Closed Stacks Items Request form available online or at the Loan Counter, Level 2, Left Wing
Loan Counter Request from staff at the Loan Counter, Level 2, Left Wing
Singapore Education Resources Submit a Closed Stacks Items Request form available online or at the Loan Counter, Level 2, Left Wing

User Category Loan Duration
NIE academic staff 7 days
NIE non-academic staff 3 days
NIE students 3 days

Note: There will be exceptions to items with restricted access or for use in library only.


How to Search for Media Materials

First connect to the library catalogue.

Keyword Search Conduct a Keyword Search in the Advanced Search mode if you are looking for a particular subject area on a particular material type.

Example 1:

Sample Search Results:

Sample record:

Combined Search Use combined search if you are looking for a particular Media title. Use Boolean Operators – AND, OR & NOT to combine keywords in the title and author fields, followed by selecting the material type from the drop-down menu of limitation fields.

Example 2:

Sample record: