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Stumped when presented with your course reading list? Follow these step-by-step guidelines to locate the publication that you want.

Test Materials

The Test Materials Collection contains over 1,000 test materials measuring achievement, intelligence, personality, aptitude and many other subjects.

Subject headings assigned to the test materials are based on categories used in the Mental Measurement Yearbook (MMY).

All test materials are kept in closed access storage.

Access to test materials is restricted to NIE and NTU staff/students.

For more information on test materials, please refer to Reference Subject Guide: Test Materials.

How to Search for Test Materials

Browse Search
Connect to the library catalogue. Select “Browse”. Enter an MMY category in the query box, e.g. personality mmy. Select “subject” from the drop down menu. Click “Search” to retrieve the browse list on personality.

Keyword Search
Keyword search is an effective way of locating test materials if you do not know the exact title of the test. Switch to "Advanced Search". Select "word(s)" from the drop down menu. Enter your keyword(s) in the query box, e.g. learning style. Select "Test Materials" from the drop down menu for "type" to retrieve only test materials.


Classifications of Test Materials

How to find out whether a test material is classified as non-sensitive or restricted?

Click on the title and a full record will be displayed.

Click "Catalogue Record" to check whether it is non-sensitive or restricted.

Non-sensitive Tests

  • Eligible readers may borrow non-sensitive tests for two hours for consultation within the library premises.
  • Please submit a Closed Stacks Items Request form available online or at the Service Point counter, Level 2, Left Wing

 Restricted Tests

  • Loans of restricted tests are subject to the approval of Head/Psychological Studies or Head/Early Childhood Special Education or an academic staff from the Psychological Studies Academic Group.
  • Readers can print out the application forms for the loan of restricted tests or get the forms from the Information Desk.