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Find by Type

Stumped when presented with your course reading list? Follow these step-by-step guidelines to locate the publication that you want.

How to search for a book/book chapter

If it is a book or book chapter, visit the NIE Library portal at and click on the search tab. Select "Books & Media" and type in the title of the book, and click ‘Search’. Results retrieved may contain both books and e-books.

TIP: Click the ‘Keyword’ button if you do not have the exact book title.

What if the book is not available in NIE Library?

If the book is not available in NIE Library, then try searching in the NTU library catalogue ( NIE staff and students have free NTU library membership once they have registered at the Lee Wee Nam Library.

If the book is not available in NTU, try searching in WorldCat (a global catalogue of library collections) at TIP: After performing a search and clicking on a item result, enter your location as "Singapore" under "Find a copy in your library".

Titles that are not available in the NIE library may also be obtained through interlibrary loan.