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Find by Type

Stumped when presented with your course reading list? Follow these step-by-step guidelines to locate the publication that you want.

How to search for dissertations/theses full text

First connect to the library catalogue.

Do a Browse Search if you have the exact citation for a thesis.

Do a Keyword Search if you are looking for theses on a particular subject area.

Combine your keywords with "national institute of education" to locate NIE theses.

Alternatively, use Advanced Search to locate NIE theses. Enter your search term(s) and select "Theses Reference" from the drop-down menu for "type".



How to search for digital NIE dissertations/theses full text

Step 1: Connect to the library catalogue.

Step 2: Enter User ID and Pin. User ID and Pin are the same as the NIE Login account for staff and students.

Step 3: Click on "Advanced Search"


Step 4: Enter search term(s) under "word(s)" and select "These Reference" under "Type"


Step 5: Click on the selected title.


Step 6: Click on "view abstract/full text". This will bring you to the NIE Repository.


Step 7: Click on "view/open" for full text.


Step 8: Enter Username and password. This is the same as the NIE login account for staff and students.


*Full text theses can only be accessed by NIE staff and students.

Once the login is successful, you will be able to download the full text of the thesis. Please note that you will not be able to copy or print the downloaded thesis as all theses are password-protected.

Print format

NIE Theses in print format are shelved at Level 2 next to the Research Commons.

 Sample record:

Overseas Theses in print format are shelved on Level 4. The loan period of overseas theses is the same as that for books. 

Sample record of an overseas thesis shelved in the Lending Collection (Level 4):

Microform format

Theses in microform format are kept in the closed stacks and may be requested for use by submitting a Closed Stacks Items Request form available online or at the Loan Counter, Level 2, Left Wing

Theses in this format can be viewed using the microform reader-printer. Theses in microfiche format are filed by author while theses in microfilm format are filed by accession number. 

Sample record of a thesis in microfiche format:

Sample record of a thesis in microfilm format: