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Assistive Software

Here are guides on assistive software assigned by category.


Downloading the whole e-book

Dawsonera e-books can be read online or downloaded for up to 7 days and read using Adobe Digital Editions on any compatible device. 

Similar to ProQuest Ebook Central e-books, the document is readable with screen reading software or text-to-speech readers, including Apple VoiceOver, JAWS, NVDA and NaturalReader. There are keyboard shortcuts in the Getting Started guide that is installed along with Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe Digital Editions is designed to work with assistive technologies on Mac and Windows. It has support for full keyboard controls (tab navigation and shortcuts), improved text enlargement, and support for high-contrast modes.

Enlarging Text

There are two methods to magnify text, either using the Read Online Mode or using Adobe Digital Editions after downloading the whole e-book.

Method One: Enlarging text in the Read Online Mode
In the e-book item record page, click on the “Read Online” icon. Then click on the arrow icon to “Hide sidebar”.
Click on "Hide Sidebar" tab to enlarge text in the Read Online mode

You can enlarge the text further by using the automatic zoom button.
Enlarge text further by using zoom
The text will then be magnified.

Text is magnified using the zoom feature in the Read Online mode


Method 2: Text magnification in Adobe Digital Editions

Click on the “Change page view” tab to enlarge the page such as to “Fit width” or zoom up to 4x.