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Research Visibility: Managing Author Profiles

ResearcherID on Publons

A Web of Science ResearcherID is a unique identifier that connects you with your works indexed in Web of Science. 

ResearcherID is now integrated into the Publons platform. Publons allows you to add your publications, track your citations and manage your Web of Science record. It also allows researchers to track, verify and showcase their peer review and editorial contributions for academic journals.


  • In order to obtain a Web of Science ResearcherID, import one or more Web of Science Core Collection-indexed publications to your profile. A ResearcherID will be automatically assigned to you overnight.
  • If you do not have any Web of Science indexed publications but require a Web of Science ResearcherID, email to request for one.

Create a Publons Account

Step 1: Go to Publons. Create a Publons account if you do not have one.


  • If you already have a ResearcherID, EndNote or Web of Science account, you can sign in with your credentials to start using Publons.

Step 2: Register for a Publons account. A link will be emailed to you for confirmation in order to complete the registration process.


  • Use an institutional email (eg. for registration.

Step 3: Activate account by clicking the link in the registration confirmation email. Click Settings to enter your particulars.


  • Enter National Institute of Education (Singapore) for institution.
  • Add alternative publishing names (e.g.,  Mueller J.; Muller J; Mueller JR; Jörg Müller; Joerg Mueller; Jorg Muller).

Add Publications to Publons Profile

Publications can be imported to Publons profile using the following ways:

  • from Web of Science
  • from ORCID
  • by identifier (eg. title or DOI)
  • by file upload (RIS, CSV or BIBTEX)

Adding Publications from Web of Science

Selecting this option will allow you to claim Web of Science Core Collection-indexed publications based on your name, publishing aliases, and email addresses.

Step 1: Click Show filters.  A list of unselected publications as well as filters for Year Published, Institutions, and Author Names will be displayed.

Step 2: Select publications which you have authored.

Step 3: Click Import selected publications.

Adding Publications from ORCID

By linking your ORCID account to your Publons profile, you will be able to pull the records from your ORCID account. To connect your ORCID account on Publons:

Step 1: Under Settings, click Account. Navigate to the "Connected accounts" tab.

Step 2: Click Connect for the ORCID option.

Step 3: Log in to your ORCID account and click Authorize for the data exchange between the two systems.

Step 4: Under Settings, select "Publications" and click Import Publications. Navigate to the "Import from ORCID" tab and click IMPORT MY PUBLICATIONS FROM ORCID.

‚ÄčSearch and import by DOI or title

Publications can be manually added by entering an identifier (DOI, arXiv, or PubMed ID) or the title. The system will retrieve any details related to that information, you can then click Save publication to add.

Import by file upload (RIS, CSV, or BibTex)

Publications can be consolidated and uploaded in RIS, CSV or BibTex format using this option. If there is error during the uploading process, a report will be sent to your primary email address with details.


  • Publons does not automatically update with new publications. In order to keep your profile up-to date, publications need to be added as soon as they are published.
  • Citation metrics are tracked for publications indexed in Web of Science only.