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Citation Counting - Web of Science and Google Scholar


Cited Reference Searching allows you to locate papers written by a particular (cited) author, and therefore its citation relationships (e.g. how many articles cite a paper). 
Through a cited reference search, you can track the impact of your (or your competitor’s) research. It is always a good practice to perform Cited Reference Searching in both Web of Science (WoS) and Google Scholar as they differ in their coverage of number and type of citing articles.
WoS is a licensed database that only counts cited references from citing articles indexed in its database.
Google Scholar is free, covers more non-journal sources such as books, theses, conference proceedings and working papers/preprints, and generally locates more citations than WoS. However, unlike WoS, Google Scholar has citing documents of varying quality.

Search vs Cited Reference Search in Web of Science

Differences between Search and Cited Reference Search 



Cited Reference Search


journal articles indexed by WoS

all cited references collated from the journal articles indexed by WoS

Produces records that have

‘correct’ citation data only

variant citations (incomplete or incorrect citations) from all Web of Knowledge (WoK) databases, in addition to ‘correct’ citation data