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Citation Reports - Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar Citations


Web of Science is a collection of citation databases including:
  • Science Citation Index
  • Social Sciences Citation Index
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Science
  • Conference Proceedings Citation Index – Social Science
You can generate Citation Reports to reflect citations to source items indexed within Web of Science. The report allows you to capture citation activity such as the total number of times cited and the h-index.
Note:  The Citation Report only analyses correct citations; variant citations are not considered for analysis.

Search vs Cited Reference Search in Web of Science

Differences between Search and Cited Reference Search 



Cited Reference Search


journal articles indexed by WoS

all cited references collated from the journal articles indexed by WoS

Produces records that have

‘correct’ citation data only

variant citations (incomplete or incorrect citations) from all Web of Knowledge (WoK) databases, in addition to ‘correct’ citation data