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Stumped when presented with your course reading list? Follow these step-by-step guidelines to locate the publication that you want.


The Semestral Exam Papers Collection in the NIE Digital Repository comprises electronic exam papers released by the Office of Academic Administration and Services (OAAS). Papers from a semester will generally be available at the beginning of the following semester.

Note: Access is restricted to NIE staff and students only. NIE Login is required for access to the papers. 

Once authenticated, you will remain logged in if you stay in the same browser. To log out, just close the browser.

Getting Started:

Important Information:

1.   The NIE Board of Studies has decided that only the recent five years of examination papers will be made available to students from Academic Year 2016/17. This is because course content may be reviewed from time to time and older examination papers would no longer be relevant.

2.   Hard copies of exam papers are available upon request.  Please enquire at the Loan Counter (Level 2, Library).

3.   Possible reasons for non-availability of exam papers:

  • There may not have been exam papers for certain modules in previous years.
  • The exam papers have been embargoed by the Academic Groups or Programme Offices.


You may link your reading lists, course outlines and lecture notes to the exam papers by including the permanent links from the item records.


Accessing the Collection

Method 1: Go to the Library Portal Home Page >>  “Resources” >> “Electronic Resources” >> NIE Exam Papers


 Method 2: Go to the Library Portal Home Page >> Scroll down to “Quick Links” at the bottom of the page >>  NIE Exam Papers

Method 3: Go to the NIE Exam Papers collection directly at

Browsing the Collection

1.     Connect to NIE Exam Papers collection:

2.     Click on the desired academic year.

3.     Click on the desired semester.

4.     Click on the Title button to browse by course codes.


 5.     Click on the desired paper.


6.     Click on the file name.



7.     Enter your NIE Login Account username and password when prompted.

Searching the Collection

 1.     Connect to the NIE Exam Papers collection at .

2.     Enter course code/keywords in the search box and click on the Green Magnifying Glass


 3.     Click on the desired paper/year.



4.     Click on the file name.


 5.     Enter your NIE Login Account username and password when prompted.