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NIE Library browser plugin for Chrome

What is LibX, and how can it help me?

A browser plugin for Chrome that provides convenient access to library’s resources.

This tool enables you to have faster and easier access to library's resources by providing a search toolbar, autolinking, right-click search menus and more. This means that you can search the WebOPAC or e-journal portal directly without leaving the current webpage you are in. 

Do check out the common scenarios when LibX would be useful and how to apply the relevant LibX feature to facilitate your search.

What are the limitations?

  • LibX 2.0 does not support Internet Explorer browser or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser. Please install it on the Chrome browser instead.
  • Some of its features e.g. Right-click Search and Autolinking only work on specific website(s) such as Google Books/Amazon and Amazon only respectively.