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Open Access

Find out more about Open Access initiatives and how you can make your research output open access.

Green Open Access (OA) Route

If you choose to make your papers open access through the Green Open Access route, deposit your papers in an open access repository such as an institutional repository or a disciplinary repository. Availability of your publications or research output depends on the self-archiving policy of publishers.

  • Institutional Repositories: These are repositories set up by individual institutions (e.g. NIE Digital Repository) to archive the institutions' research output.

  • Disciplinary Repositories: These repositories are not restricted to any one institution and usually provide a collection of materials relevant to a particular subject or research-focused discipline.

NIE Digital Repository

The NIE Digital Repository aims to organise, preserve and facilitate dissemination of NIE publications and research output.

How to deposit?

We will

  • check the publishers’ self-archiving policies for copyright clearance.
  • update you on the status once we have uploaded your papers.

Keen to find out more?
            View the guide at or email to

Copyright and Self-archiving Policies

If you hold the copyright of your research papers, you may deposit the softcopy of your papers in the NIE Digital Repository.

If you have transferred all or some of the copyright, you will need to check the self-archiving policies of the publishers.

Most journal publishers allow authors to self-archive a copy of their papers. You may refer to