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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: My Microsoft Word does not have the EndNote X9 tab, it only shows a tab labelled EndNote. I cannot access any references stored in my local EndNote library and shown a login screen.

Solution: Click on the EndNote plugin tab within Microsoft Word. Click on the Preferences button. Go to the Application tab and look for the Application dropdown. Select EndNote instead of EndNote Online. Restart Microsoft Word and it should work. 

Question 2: Can EndNote Cite-While-You-Write (CWYW) plug-in work in WPS Office?

CWYW is currently not compatible with WPS.

Question 3: The .ris and the .enw files that I downloaded from library search, databases or Google Scholar cannot be opened.

Locate the .ris or .enw files and right click on them. Click "Open with" and select EndNote. If EndNote is not listed as one of the options for you to choose, select "Choose another app" (Windows) or "Other" (macOS). Locate and select EndNote (EndNote.exe on Windows and EndNote under Applications on macOS).

Question 4: How should the in-text citation of works with the same first author surname, different initials and different publication years be displayed?

To avoid confusion, the in-text citation should Include the initials of the first authors, even when they have different initials and the cited works were published in different years. For example:

(J. Lee, 2006)

(D.W. Lee, 2015)

See guide from APA for details.