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Constructing Search Statements: A Basic Guide

How to construct simple statements for effective searches

Search Planning Sheet

Topic:  How to promote creative thinking in the teaching of primary science.

Concepts and Keywords:  These are entered into the Search Planning Sheet below.

Concept 1   Concept 2   Concept 3
Creative thinking AND Primary AND Science
OR   OR    
Creativity   Elementary    
Thinking skills        

Search Statement:  (creativ* OR thinking) AND (primary OR elementary) AND science


  • The symbol used for truncation varies from database to database.  The above example uses " * " (asterisk).  Therefore, creativ* will search for creative, creativity, creativeness, etc.
  • Using "thinking" as a keyword will retrieve records containing "creative thinking" as well as those with "thinking skills".
  • You may refine your search further by specifying the science topic (e.g. magnetism), the geographic area (e.g. singapore) and the year of publication.
  • Example:  (creativ* OR thinking) AND (primary OR elementary) AND magnet* AND singapore AND 201*