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Literature Search: Finding Information Effectively

What is the Library Integrated Search?

Journal articles are indexed in NIE Library's Integrated Search. These journal articles come from available electronic academic papers in the NIE Digital Repository and from NIE Library's licensed databases. You can access the Integrated Search via the NIE Library Portal.

How to search for a journal article via NIE Library Integrated Search

  1. Head over to the Library Portal (URL -
  2. Type in the title of your article or topic keywords in the search bar

PRO TIP: Enclose the article title or keywords in double quotations ( "   " ) for a more specific search.

You will need to login before you can access or download any of the articles retrieved as part of your search results. Logging in also enables you to use all the features available in the integrated search.

Refer to B to access a database to download the full-text article.

PRO TIP: Use advanced filters to narrow down search results.

Please refer to instruction below on how to download full-text PDF to your computer.

What are databases?

A database contains an electronic collection of records that may include (but is not limited to) the following: full text documents (journal articles, conference papers, technical reports), book chapters (in PDF or HTML format), abstracts, online videos, images etc.

Each database is typically contained within a single interface. However, some databases are housed within a common platform with a single interface e.g. EBSCOhost and ProQuest databases. It is thus possible to search in one or more databases at the same time. Note: The same journal article may be available in multiple databases with different years of coverage.

How to search for journal articles in databases

  1. Go to the Library Portal at
  2. Scroll down and click on "List of Databases" or go to

To access a database, click on the title of the database or "Access Database". Do note that you may need to login to gain access to the database. Refer to the Legend for more information.

PRO TIP 1: Filter by the database title by alphabet for easy browsing.

PRO TIP 2: Click on the down arrow to learn more about a database.

Once in a database or database platform, enter in the search box your search statements based on the topic you are researching about, that is, relevant keywords linked with boolean operators (AND, OR) and truncation symbols ( * ) if necessary.  Then click on the Search button.

Example of a search statement: (plagiarism OR academic dishonesty) AND (universit* OR college*) AND (first-year student* OR freshmen)

If the article is available in NIE Library's resources, you may see the following search results.

Click on the "PDF Full Text" or "Findit@NIE" link to access the full text.

NOTE: Some articles are available in the library's holdings, however the direct link to the full text is not available. In this scenario, click on the Findit@NIE article linker to access the full text.

PRO TIP: Use advanced filters to narrow down search results.

Clicking on "PDF Full Text" will show you a preview of the full-text PDF.

Please refer to instruction below on how to download full-text PDF to your computer.

After you are brought to the 360 Link page, click on "Article". This will bring you to the database that contains the download link for the PDF full-text.

What if the journal article is not available in NIE Library's resources?

NIE Library does not subscribe to every journal, nor every issue from a particular journal. For the same journal title the subscription coverage among libraries also differs. If you have already searched in NIE Library's resources and the full text article is not available in both print or electronic versions, there are other avenues you can employ.

You can search in:


Alternatively, you can also use the NIE Library's free electronic document delivery service where we will supply a PDF copy of the article to you directly by email. 

Request for a free electronic copy of the journal article

More information about the document delivery service may be found at:

Linking Google Scholar Results to Full Text Resources

Google Scholar is a one stop search for NIE and free scholarly resources. Google Scholar can be configured to show search results bearing hyperlinks that will help direct you to the full text in NIE’s resources. For example, you can search for journal articles using the article title.


Steps in Setting Preferences

1. Go to Google Scholar at

2. Click on the Settings (hamburger) icon in the top left-hand corner.

3. Click on Settings again.

3. Click on Library links. Then type nie or national institute of education in the search box and click the Search button.

4. National Institute of Education – Findit@NIE appears. Place a check mark in its box. Then click Save.

When a Google Scholar search is next performed (e.g. using an article title), the Findit@NIE hyperlinks will appear beside results whose full text can be found in NIE Library’s licensed resources. Clicking the links will bring you to the full text.