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Assistive Software

Here are guides on assistive software assigned by category.

Useful Links

Windows Operating System

Accessibility in Windows 10
Learn more about accessibility options and programs in Windows that make it easier to see, hear, and use your computer.

Mackintosh Operating System

Learn more about the variety of assistive technologies in Mac OS to help those with vision disabilities, including a built-in screen reader, screen and cursor magnification, high-contrast settings, and more.

Firefox Browser

Accessibility Features in Firefox
Learn more about the accessibility features in Firefox to make the browser and web content accessible to all users, including those who have low vision, no vision, or limited ability to use a keyboard or mouse.

Access Firefox
Learn more about accessibility tools and resources for Firefox end users with disabilities (primarily visual impairments) in this web portal maintained by members of several different Mozilla communities. Download Firefox accessibility extensions such as “Reader” to allow you to fully manipulate a web page's appearance to meet your needs.

Internet Explorer Browser

Accessibility in Internet Explorer
Learn more about the accessibility options in Internet Explorer to move around the Internet easier, see webpages more clearly, and access information quicker.

Chrome Browser

Accessibility: Low-Vision Support in Chrome
Learn more about the tools in Chrome to support low vision such as full-page zoom and high-contrast.