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A browser extension which makes it easier to access electronic resource content subscribed by NIE Library

What is LibFetch!, and how can it help me?

LibFetch! is a browser extension that simplifies access to licensed e-resources or leads to open access alternatives.

LibFetch! supports your research by providing

  • seamless access to NIE Library full-text e-resources on your browser 
  • alternative links to access the resource, to guide you to the correct access point.

No matter the website you are searching in e.g. via Google, Amazon or JSTOR, LibFetch! will alert you if you have access to an e-resource through the library. If you happen to find an e-resource that the library doesn't subscribe to, LibFetch! will look for other appropriate ways for you to access the content. 

Do check out the common scenarios when LibFetch! would be useful and the short introductory video below.

Why use LibFetch?

Some of us start our research via the NIE Library portal. However, most of us turn to Google when we have to search for something, so we naturally try to start our research there. You may find that websites found through search engines like Google will often ask you to pay to access the e-resources such as journal articles.

These journal articles or resources may be available in NIE Library. But, because Google could not recognise that you are a staff or student of NIE, you may not be able to access the resources directly from your Google search results.

With LibFetch! you will be prompted to sign in (only once per browser session) or be notified of available access when you reach an e-resource the library has subscribed to, regardless of how you found the web page. If the e-resource you are currently looking at is available on a different website, LibFetch! will also direct you there, so you will not miss a useful piece of research.  

What are the limitations?

  • LibFetch! pop-up notifications are not immediately displayed. You may have to wait for a few seconds for any LibFetch! notifications to appear.
  • Currently LibFetch! is only available on desktops and laptops and on iOS mobile devices.  
  • If you are unable to access the full text, to confirm for sure whether an article is available through NIE Library's subscription, search for journal titles in the library portal to see if there is access via another online source or if a print copy is available.
  • If the print journal or book is available, you would have to locate the relevant volume/issue on the shelves and come to the library physically to access the full text.
  • When you find an e-resource that is not available through the LibFetch! browser extension, and is not available as open access, LibFetch! will direct you to our Document Delivery page where you can request a copy of the resource from another library (e.g. a book chapter or journal article). Just click "Submit Request" to be linked to NIE Library's Document Delivery page. 

Privacy Policy

When you use your browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera) to access websites, LibFetch! aims to save you time by showing you what web pages the library provides access to and giving you the access. In order to provide this service,  the LibFetch! browser extension may analyze and/or collect certain information relating to your browsing activity such as the academic websites that you visit. Please note that the LibFetch!'s privacy policy emphasizes that they take your privacy seriously with this statement:

We will NOT collect any personal information unless you actively share it with us. We will NOT collect your IP address or your device’s unique device IDs. By using the Extension you will remain completely anonymous.

For more information please see the Privacy Policy.