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Research Visibility: Managing Author Profiles

Benefits of a Google Scholar Author Profile

Google Scholar allows authors to build a short personal page for free from the papers indexed in the Google Scholar database.

 Increased accessibility to your work:

  • Make your profile public and become findable in the most widely used tool for academic research worldwide.

 Gives a fuller picture of the impact of your work beyond scholarly and peer-reviewed publications:

  • Google Scholar also indexes non-scholarly literature and non-peer reviewed publications (e.g conference papers, research reports, and grey literature).
  • However, do note that the inclusion of non-scholarly literature and non-peer reviewed publications in Google Scholar has led to questions about whether citation metrics can be manipulated in some way. It is often used in conjunction with ResearcherID and Scopus. ‚Äč

 Easy to maintain:

  • Tied to a personal Gmail account. Please note that your Google Scholar profile is not transferable once set up. Make sure you use the right Gmail account in registration.
  • Receive alerts about new publications that have been indexed by Google Scholar that may belong to you. Simply confirm to have it added to your publications list.

Create a Google Scholar Author Profile

1. Go to

2. Sign in to your Gmail account and confirm the spelling of your name.

3. Fill in details:

  • Author name
  • Affiliation (i.e National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University)
  • Verification email (i.e institutional email address)
  • Areas of interest
  • URL of your NIE profile page

4. Select publications authored by you to add to your profile.

5. Select "email me updates for review". Prevents Google Scholar from automatically indexing articles which may not be written by you.

6. Recommended to uncheck the box for "make my profile public" until your profile has been populated with publications.

  • To change the profile settings, click the pencil icon next to your name. Select "make my profile public" to enable your profile to be searchable in Google.

7. Verify your Google Scholar profile through your email. When it is complete, your institutional email will show on your profile.

Add Works

Add works by clicking the “+” symbol in your Google Scholar profile. You can search by:

  • Add article groups: Do an author search for publications listed under your name.
  • Add articles: Do a title search to add individual publications.
  • Add manually: Enter the details of the publication manually.

Export Publications List (BibTeX file)

If you have an ORCID author profile, you can export the publication list from your Google Scholar author profile and import it as a .bibtex file to ORCID. This avoids duplicate effort when you are managing more than one author profile.

 How to export publication list from Google Scholar (as BibTeX format):

1. Check the boxes to select the publications that you want to export.

2. Click "Export" and select the file format "BibTeX".

3. The BibTeX formatting will open in a new window.

4. Right click with your mouse and click "save as". You will be prompted to name the file. Ensure that the file extension ends with .txt (e.g filename.txt). 

5. Continue with the following steps to Add Works (Google Scholar) to import the publications list to ORCID.