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APA 7th Edition Style Guide

Correctly cite and reference resources in APA (7th Edition) Style..


YouTube Video or Other Streaming Platforms

Uploader, A. A. [Username, applicable if different from Uploader name](Upload date [YYYY, Month DD])Video title: Capitalise the first letter after colon [Italicise] [Video]. Streaming platformURL

The University of Arizona. (2012, February 17). Education for whom and for what? [Video]. YouTube.

National Institute of Education. [SINGAPORE NIE]. (2020, April 30). From strength to strength [Video]. YouTube.

Sadgrove, D. (2017, January 10). The rhino guardians [Video]. Vimeo.

TED Talk

Presenter, A. A(Date of presentation [YYYY, Month DD])Presentation title: Capitalise the first letter after colon [Italicise] [Video]. Conference nameURL

Robinson, K. (2013, April). How to escape education's death valley [Video]. TED Talks Education.