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Journal article with DOI, print or electronic version

Chin, C. (2007). Teacher questioning in science classrooms: Approaches that stimulate productive thinking. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 44(6), 815–843.


Journal article without DOI, print version

Chong, E. (2008). Harnessing distributed musical expertise through edublogging. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 24(2), 181-194.


Journal article without DOI, electronic version

Gopinathan, S., & Deng, Z. (2006). Fostering school-based curriculum development in the context of new educational initiatives in Singapore. Planning and Changing: An Educational Leadership and Policy Journal, 37(1/2), 93-110. Retrieved from


Journal article without Volume and Issue number

Muhammad Ariff Ahmad. (2004). Keterampilan bahasa lambang keunggulan jati diri. Sekata, 2004: 41-44.

Journal article with seven authors

Quek, G. C. L., Peer, J., Divaharan, S., Liu, W. C., Williams, M. D., Wong, A. F., & Jamaludin, A. (2005). Computer mediated communication as a collaborative tool for facilitating student-centered learning in project-based classrooms. Educational Technology, 45(4), 48-51


Journal article with more than seven authors

Ilyas, U., Rawat, R. S., Roshan, G., Tan, T. L., Lee, P., Springham, S. V., ... & Sun, H. D. (2011). Quenching of surface traps in Mn doped ZnO thin films for enhanced optical transparency. Applied Surface Science, 258(2), 890-897.


Magazine article, print version

Wong, P. (2006, February). The promotion of e-learning at NIE. ACIS Plug-in, 4(1), 1.

Magazine article, no author, electronic version

Lessons learned outside the classroom. (2009, January/February). SingTeach, 16. Retrieved from

Newspaper article, print version

Tan, T. (2009, May 22). Education ministry spells out approach to sex education. The Straits Times, pp. A6–A7.

Newspaper article, electronic version

Onishi, N. (2009, April 22). In Singapore, a more progressive Islamic education. The New York Times. Retrieved from